JM speakers are hand built world class loudspeaker cabinets especially designed for professional Bassplayers.

The latest JM Triton is powered by the best high-end Beyma drivers. The 12” woofer combined with a large enclosure and big port produces natural clear lows and mids, and a 5” driver produces all the sweet harmonics. Optimum off-axis dispersion is realized by the 5″ cone tweeter and a bespoke 2-way crossover filter, to keep your desired sound even when you leave your spot. This crossover is also designed to protect both amplifier and cabinet.

The speakon/jack input connector is mounted on the side for easy access in cramped spaces. The Triton is tall for obvious reasons, but has a very small stage footprint. Heavy-duty cloth and steel mesh applied to endure the harsh life of a touring cab. The Triton is sealed and braced from the inside to minimize cab resonance. For extra protection I can provide an optional professional flightcase or padded cover.

1 Triton is sufficient for studio, rehearsal, pub or club. 2 – 4 for outdoor, large stages or loud backline bands.

You’re welcome to try and compare this cab if you’re in The Netherlands.

Jules Meuffels, 2016