January 28th, 2017

Today Jules Meuffels came to show his hand built line of JM bass cabinets, at the Muzikantine in Horst.

Many different configurations were tried; Ampeg transistor, Ampeg tube with Ampeg 4×10″ cabinet, Markbass 2×10″ combo plus 4×10″cabinet, TecAmp 1×12″ combo, TC electronic 1×12″combo, compared with different types of bass guitars, from passive to active. Even an upright with a Slap pick-up!

In addition, the JM stood his ground. These cabinets with 1×12″ woofer and  1×5″ cone tweeter are perfectly balanced because of, for the layman incomprehensible mathematics and physics calculations. Connected to any head, JM was unanimously voted winner this afternoon.

Fantastic stuff, affordable, beautiful and practical.

What more can you ask for ….

Gerard Gubbels.

January 15th, 2017

The perfect bass cabinet? I’ve found it. The JM Triton. Fat tight lows, crisp highs and the mid/midhigh is perfectly balanced by the use of a 5 inch speaker instead of a tweeter. That makes it sound deliciously transparent.

And when the deep switch on my Mesa Subway D800 was turned on, there was an impressive amount of sublow from the Triton. Hard to believe that a 1 x 12 inch cab can produce so much low.
In short: WOW! I want them!

Paul Klaessen.


January 9th, 2017

Today I finally had the opportunity to check out the JM Triton. I was very curious about this cab for a while, and now I found the time to give it a try! I compared the JM to my trusted Bergantino HT112. This is my small travel cab and I use it for smaller gigs.

As most bass players know, a single 12” cab is cool but sometimes sounds a bit thin or a second one is needed to “survive” loud guitars and drums. My experience with the Berg is good, this cab does stand up to loud settings! Another issue of single 12” cabs is that most of them are missing BOTTOM.

There is a new player in the High End bass enclosure market. I believe the most important ingredient for designing a descent Bass enclosure is having a LOT of experience in playing da Bass in live settings and rehearsals. Not just theoretical designing on the drawing board or testing in studio’s or living rooms and so on…..  Theoretical values are not interesting to me, the actual performance is the thing that counts! Jules is such a guy. The desire to build a cab that can handle it all.

After our rehearsal, I met with Jules in the rehearsal facility. He brought in his baby, the JM Triton. First impression, the cab looks awesome!!

The test set-up:

Sadowsky NYC Standard 5 String (Alder/maple)
Aguilar DB 751
Bergantino HT112 as reference and the JM Triton

A no frills test set-up. No effects etcetera….

After playing a few notes on the Berg it was time to switch to the JM Triton.
My first impression soundwise: This thing goes DEEP!!!! WOW!!! It projects everything you put in, as much as possible. Of course, the Aguilar isn’t the straightest amp but TMHO the Bergantino is pretty neutral. The JM does the trick as well but with more, tighter bottom-end than most 15” Cabs. The JM  is the virtual marriage of a 10” and a very good 15” with a bit 18” low end! Whatever you do, do NOT touch the bass pot on your amp! Why? You don’t need to. Another great feature is that Jules didn’t use a conventional bullet tweeter. He explained to me the reason why; On a larger stage you don’t hear a tweeter as soon as you step aside of the cab. Instead, Jules uses a Ceramic 5” cone driver, which spreads the highs nicely. So overall this cab delivers a full range sound with a unique dispersion. VERY IMPRESSIVE!!!!

Of course the cab is much taller than (in this case) the Bergantino. That is one of the reasons it produces so much bottom. The pro on this is, most bass players can put it on the floor, and yet the footprint is still smaller than most 12” Cabs. With 21 kg’s, it is easy to transport. For most bass players this could be THE 1 cab solution.

I‘m very curious about combining more Tritons, unfortunately at this moment Jules had only 1 test cab available. I’m confident combining 4 Tritons will deliver a wall of sound which can definitely handle ANY gig.

If you ever have the chance to check one of these out, first check your bank account and then go for it!
They won’t disappoint you!


Frank De Groot.


December 2nd, 2016

This nice guy stopped by and let me try his JM Triton 12 cabinet. Sounded really good! Lots of bottom, definition and clarity. Well done Jules Meuffels. And thank you!

Paul Sips, Paul’s Bass Matters