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[ BC112TL

Designed to sound as close as possible to your natural bass tone, providing a clarity and full bottom end that compliments its genuine growl. Its interactive and resonant qualities are derivative of its ported design, making it a cab great for loud live situations, in that its uncompromising shimmer will stand out in the mix. Between its high and low end frequencies, this speaker produces a full-bodied contour that replicates vintage tone with a modern feel. Ideal for rock, blues, vintage pop and upright bass players.

[ BC210TL

The weapon of choice for the jb player, the funk master, the pop idol. She enhances the unique permutations in their articulation. The 2×10’s power is enlarged by filtering its aggression through a custom tailored port, which adds a depth of fury to its already candescent vigor. Her ability to cut through the mix will leave you breathless.