A premium bass stack, especially designed for professional bassplayers. Neodymium drivers and poplar ply make these cabs super lightweight. It is essentially a stacked 4×10” devided in two, therefore you get full-body contact with minimal footprint. Nowhere will you find a vertical 4×10” with this much power (2.4kW peak) sensitivity (103dB), and still be able to carry the set with two fingers.


2×10” FaitalPro – Neo
600 Watt / 1200 Watt Peak
4Ω (8Ω on request)
Efficiency: 100 dB (1W/1m)
BDH = 32 x 34 x 75 cm
WDH = 12.6 x 13.4 x 29.5 inch
13,8  kg / 30.4  lbs
Recessed bar handle
Braced and sealed



Regular 410, 210 or even 810 configurations all have multiple drivers producing the same frequencies placed in a horizontal line. This creates a combfilter effect (see my demonstration video on YouTube). The TWINS vertical allignment eliminates this effect and has a dispersion like no other stack. The tweeters also have a wide range, so you don’t lose your presence once leaving your ‘spot’ on stage.


Neodymium drivers lack punch compared to the old heavy ferrite magnets, therefore the Twins are fitted with a large front bass reflex tuned for extra punch. The TWINS have no padding on the inside to minimize group delay frequencies and improve transient response.


The TWINS are fitted with a combi Neutrik Speakon and Jack all-in-one connector. You can use your trusted jack speaker cable. But you can also upgrade your connection with a Speakon which has less resistance than a Jack, and therefore ensures full amp power to be used. As an option I can install a double dish with an extra link connector for easy daisy-chaining if your amp only has one output.


The stock TWINS come in 4Ω each, so your amp sees a 2Ω stack. Make sure your amp is capable of low impadance. If one TWIN is enough to do the job at hand, you still have a 4Ω cab drawing full power.
8Ω TWINS are available at request.


The TWINS stock finish is black tolex, a very open fiberglass reinforced black vinyl grill cloth and a DiBond brushed aluminium logo. If you prefer a different finish I can custom finish your TWINS any way you want it.


A touring musician needs a good flightcase. I can have a custom touring grade flightcase built for you anyway you want it. If you prefer a padded cover, I can have them made for you. Of course these covers are of the highest quality thick fabric, with a hard plastic insert and a JM logo on the front.


Single Twin              € 600,-
ex VAT*
(introduction price)
Leather/Tweed      € 100,-
DoubleFlightcase € 325,-
Padded cover         € 114,-
Shipping; ask for quote


To place an order you can send me an email with your wishes or additional questions. I’ll send you a quote or invoice. After payment I’ll start to build your cabinet.
*: Orders in The Netherlands or other EU countries pay an aditional 21% Dutch tax. Unless you are a professional musician (self employed) with a VAT number. For orders placed out of the EU, you pay exclusive of tax, you are not subjected to the Dutch VAT. On the contrary, you are subjected to the VAT and the customs taxes according to your country. These ones will be added by the customs of your country on the arrival of your order (at the airport, at the station, at the harbour…). Generally, the amount of the taxes is linked to several criteria : the selling value, the weight of the package, the dimension / volume of the package… Please contact the customs of your country to have further information about these taxes.