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[ GC212

   A recent addition to the enclosure arsenal, the GC212 is all knowing and all powerful in terms of what JM stands for, smoothly agressive, cloaked with an elegant veil. This cabs tone is a dance with the Devil, detailed and poised, all the while supplying the player with diabolical texture, complexity and invigorating inspirational character. It is dynamic, punchy, fast responding, has sustain for days and a dispersion that originated from the depths of the fiery Realms.

[ Protos

   JM’s smallest stealth-like creation that drips ballistic.
Its finest quality is that the difference between pickup selection is emphasized, creating a dimension of versatility where the player may comfortably fit their tone in the mix between many different genres—Jazz, Country, Pop, Blues and Rock being its best contenders. It reminds you of your potential in sound and provide you with a choice in tone.


[ Vault

   Its tone is inherently darker, bolder, and fatter than its brothers and sisters. The Vault presents a range that cascades across the sonic spectrum, providing a present but pleasant high end, a detailed midrange, and full-bodied low end. Leaving the audience with a dimension of play that suggests multiple drivers.



[ Trunk

   The Trunk produces a voice that is resonant of all the best aspects of the Vintage30 driver, but is then able to go above and beyond the traditional, with an aggressive, note sustaining construction that will carry your sound farther than any standard speaker could ever dream.
The Trunk was instigated upon my diligent desire to puncture the sonic space-time continuum, reach through the time warp, and pull that classic 70s tone through to the modern age, rendering its competition speechless.