A high-end custom lightweight guitar cabinet, especially designed for professional musicians. It is a single 12” driver on a slanted baffle in a large housing, to create a full-range sound with natural lows and a large front bass reflex tuned for extra punch.


12” Celestion Vintage 30
60 Watt  / 120 Watt Peak
8Ω (16Ω on request)
Efficiency: 103 dB 1W/1m
WDH = 74 x 30 x 62 cm
WDH = 29.1 x 11.8 x 24.4 inch
18,9  kg / 41.66  lbs
Fb: 104 Hz
Fs: 75 Hz
Fr: 60-12,5kHz (-3dB)


High notes have a narrow projection, therefore the Trunk has a slanted speaker baffle to create optimum dispersion. With the Trunk’s tilted panel there is perfect off-axis dispersion, in all directions, so you don’t have to put your cab on top of a flightcase, or go to 11. The inside of the Trunk is sealed and heavily braced to minimize unwanted vibrations.


The Trunk’s very open glassfiber reinforced vinyl grill cloth ensures all mid and high frequencies to be portrayed naturally. Centered is an opening which creates an easy access for professional soundengineers.


The Trunk is fitted with a combi Neutrik Speakon and Jack all-in-one connector. You can use your trusted jack
speaker cable. But you can also upgrade your connection with a Speakon which has less resistance than a Jack, and therefore ensures full amp power to be used. As an option I can install a double dish with an extra link connector for easy daisy-chaining if you want to stack multiple Trunks.


The Trunk is stock fitted with a Celestion V30, cognac colored imitation leather, DiBond brushed copper logo and piping and black open grill cloth with Miking-O. If you prefer I can mount a different type of driver. Another finish option is real vintage leather, it does take time to find a batch. Maybe you’d like tolex or tweed finish to match your amp-head, or a blacked out grill cloth, anything is possible at the JM custom shop.


I can install a close miking system. A ring mounted on the drivers edge with a piezo microphone in the middle, aimed at the cone. This mic is wired to a metal xlr chassis placed next to the input connector on the back. You never have to put a microphone stand in front of your Trunk again, plug and play. Clean looks in combination with a conventional cloth grill.


A touring musician needs a good flightcase. I can have a custom touring grade flightcase built for you anyway you want it. If you prefer a padded cover, I can have them made for you. Of course these covers are of the highest quality thick fabric, with a hard plastic insert and a JM logo on the front.


Stock Trunk            € 825,- ex VAT*
Vintage leather    € 100,-
Flightcase               € 325,-
Padded cover       € 114,-
Close miking          € 160,-
Shipping; ask for quote


To place an order you can send me an email with your wishes or additional questions. I’ll send you a quote or invoice. After payment I’ll start to build your cabinet.
*: Orders in The Netherlands or other EU countries pay an aditional 21% Dutch tax. Unless you are a professional musician (self employed) with a VAT number. For orders placed out of the EU, you pay exclusive of tax, you are not subjected to the Dutch VAT. On the contrary, you are subjected to the VAT and the customs taxes according to your country. These ones will be added by the customs of your country on the arrival of your order (at the airport, at the station, at the harbour…). Generally, the amount of the taxes is linked to several criteria : the selling value, the weight of the package, the dimension / volume of the package… Please contact the customs of your country to have further information about these taxes.