Beyma Neodymium Optional Driver for JM Triton


JM’s are fitted and designed with a certain driver in mind. If you prefer different, I can fit a specific other. Keep in mind the price differences.


A touring musician needs a good flightcase. I can have a custom flightcase built for you anyway you want it. (non-included option)

Padded Cover

If you prefer a padded cover I can have them made for you. Of course these covers are of the highest quality. (non-included option)

Speakon Connector

Link Connector

If you want to combine JM’s, but your amp has only 1 output, I can install link connectors in the cabs so you can daisy-chain them and you don’t have to fool around with Y-cables.

JM front panel colors


JM Bass cabinet frontpanel color is your personal choice. Black is standard.

Vintage Leather

The Trunk’s standard finish is an imitation leather. Real leather finish is a non-included option.


The JM Di-bond metal logo comes in aluminium or copper. In consultation with you, we will find the right combination of logo, and all other colors. (The Trunk’s piping can be made in any color you like)