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[ GC212

Just got back from Cab wizard Jules Meuffels to test his latest creation: the JM GC212. A speaker cabinet for guitar with 2 x 12 ” – 60 watt Celestion V30 speakers.
I am already the proud owner of Jules’ Trunk, a 1×12 speaker cab with a 60 watt V30 speaker. In this strange period unfortunately used far too little; and certainly not at a “pleasant volume” (read: at 11).
Just when you think it is not possible to make a speaker cabinet sound even better, Jules comes up with something new again. The GC212 is equipped with 2 60 watt Celestion V30 speakers. Due to the placement of the speakers in the cabinet in relation to each other, it has again been possible to create a cab with an incredibly good dispersion. The cabinet continues to sound good whether you are standing right in front of it or next to it. This in contrast to the 4×12 Bogner we compared to, where the sound comes out in a dead straight line, and therefore only sounds good when you are on-axis.
Just like the Trunk, this cab also sounds super open and tight in all frequencies. From clean to fat distortion it immediately delivers a big smile! With 120 watts no shortage of volume (does it still ring Jules?
Does it sound better than the Trunk? That’s a question of conscience. Partly due to 2 instead of 1 speaker, the GC212 sounds just a bit warmer. In addition, the new cab is a bit more suitable for playing metal, although that is also more than fine on the Trunk!
In summary: Crazy Cab !! Do yourself a favor and make an appointment with Jules from JM Speakers in Echt, bring your favorite amp and guitar and discover how important a good cab is for your sound and therefore playing pleasure.
I am very curious about the upcoming reviews in the trade magazines!
Thanks again for your hospitality Jules!

Gert-Jan Roemen

Guitarist, Parris

[ BC112TL & BC210TL

A nice meeting with Jules Meuffels and its BC210TL & BC112TL bass cab. The first time I saw Jules Meuffels playing, I was immediately enthusiastic about his tight and equally clear bass sound throughout the room (gig without PA). After his performance I immediately gave him a compliment and to my surprise he designed and built those bass cabinets himself. (Those were two prototype JM2x10 cabinets) After a nice meeting with a lot of bass stalk, he suggested that I could borrow his set to test. After 2 rehearsals and a performance with “The Yellow Tones” I was completely sold. The ease of being clear, tight, grunting, warm & clear from anywhere in the room made it a joy to play. Due to the consequences of the Corona crisis, all my plans & options from “The Yellow Tones” unfortunately came into a pause mode
But… Jules had apparently been busy 🙂 He came to visit with his new cabinets, the BC210TL and the BC112TL. All afternoon we connected all my amps and compared them with other cabinets (Fender Bassman, Ampeg Vst, Ampeg 4 Pro, Echollete BS40 & Eden and with a Monique + Power amplifier)
Conclusion in short:
-Tight, open, clear sound, nicely balanced from high to low.
-Lightweight- stable, strong and an easy size to place in different setups. (can also be used as a monitor at an angle to the ground thanks to a retractable pin on the back)
-Lots of volume and reserves.
-The BC210TL & BC112TL have a different sound character and can also be combined well together.
– They are addictive.
– You find out that your 4X10 Ampeg doesn’t sound as good as you thought …
For more (technical) details you better go to the maker, Jules Meuffels.
I had a very pleasant and educational day.

Wladimir Geels

Professional Bass Player, - Noordkaap - Trigger Finger - Geike Arnaert (Hooverphonic), - Rowwen Hèze

[ Trunk

Thanx Jules, for the great “boutique shop” JM 12”V30 handmade speaker cabinet, sounds awesome. Love the angled concept, choice of wood and size!!

Oscar Holleman

Producer / Coach, RS29

A 1×12” that sounds like nothing that you tried before! Evolution in guitar and bass cabinets.


Bob Gabriel

Owner, 4seasonspickups

We have extensively tested his hand-
built cabinet ” The Trunk ” and can
safely say that it is the ultimate
1×12” cabinet.

Jo Joosten

Owner, Jo Joosten Musical Instruments

Wow! Just had the honor of testing the new 1×12 cab from Jules Meuffels. Of course I have a trained ear and I know exactly what I want to hear … does not take away the fact that I was immediately very impressed by both the pressure, the dispersion and the low that this cabinet produces! This is a speaker cabinet that comes into its own when you just put it on the floor. Space is immediately pleasantly filled with a full and warm sound. Both clean, crunsh and lead remain nicely open but also tight in the lows. Balance bass / treble is good and the speaker (vintage 30) speaks very directly … Absolutely recommended according to unique recipe; and the appearance can also be carried out according your own unique wishes. Nothing seems to be to crazy for Jules: “showroom shine” or relic; the (real) leather is executed in the desired color and desired state. In short: recommended!

Dick Roermermann

Owner, Guitarworks

Today I tried the new guitar cabinet build by Jules Meuffels and it sounded superb! He uses the same driver as in my own, only this cabinet is wider, the speaker is placed at a slight angle and there’s a port so the lows can escape at the front! It sounded better than my own cabinet, much more spacious in the lower frequencies without getting too much! No exaggerated sub. Jules made a killer cab! And again, same speaker, but completely different cabinet, and a clear difference!

Mark Vergoossen

Guitarist / Music Teacher, Music Productions

For the Guitarists and Gearfreaks among us: Jules has designed the perfect speaker cabinet! Nice lightweight, good punch in the mid-lows (something that is missing in many cabinets) and more dispersion than an average 4×12 cab! I would say; Try it, before it becomes a hit!! This is a real asset!!



Roeland Ruijsch

Songwriter / Producer, Roelandruijsch

I had the honor of testing Jules Meuffels’ latest creation: The Trunk! The Trunk is a speaker cabinet for guitarplayers, with in this case a 12 inch Celestion V30 speaker, 8 Ohm. The speaker is screwed on a rearward tilted speaker baffle. As a result, you do not have to tilt the cabinet to hear yourself. The trunk is loud! According to earwitnesses audible a few blocks away haha. And it definitely doesn’t give you the feeling that you are playing on a cabinet with only 1 driver. The sound is full, very tight in the lows, very nice and clear mids and dito highs. The cab sounds wonderfully punchy and has an incredible dispersion. Whether you’re standing right in front of the cab or next to it: the sound stays super audible. This is the result of the ingeniously thought-out chamber system behind the speaker panel and a bass port across the whole front of the cab. Also not unimportant: the cabinet is lightweight! And due to the position of the handle, the cabinet will be easy to transport. You really must hear this cabinet yourself! I’m sure you’ll be very happy, like me! It was a fun afternoon Jules! Thanks for your hospitality.

Gert-Jan Roemen

Guitarist, Parris

I just tested the guitar cabinet Jules Meuffels (JM) made. I already knew JM builds high-end cabs for bassists. Now Jules makes cabinets for guitarplayers! I was truly amazed bij the volume, depth en punch of his new cab. I compared the JM cab with a stock F….. (well known brand ) cab. Both have a 12″ Celestion Vintage 30 speaker, but what a huge different in sound (and aesthetics)!! Compared with the stock cabs the JM cabs sounds lively, roomy and most of all, has that typical “oempf”, guitarist search for, without losing any high tones.The craftmanship of this cab is very, very nice. The slightly slanted speaker enables you to set the cab on the ground and still hear it if you stand close to it during a gig. Another thing I really liked was the closed back, and bassresponse on the lower front of the cab. In a live-environment this comes in very handy. Whether you play in clubs or on a larger stage, the JM always sounds good! On a sidenote, these cabs can be finished in a number of boutique looks, like the worn-leather-look. I am very looking forward to your new line of guitar cabs Jules! I think every guitarist should own a JM cab or at least try one out. I am sure you will not regret it! Keep up the good work Jules! And my best regards to Kelly and Oscar!

Sjoerd Vinken

Guitarist, Catch22

Translation German Article:
JM Speakers The Trunk
If you are looking for the lowest possible price when purchasing equipment, you can browse on with confidence. This cabinet is namely the exact opposite of stinginess-is-cool: Wily construction for special tonality, small series, handmade, striking look …high price.Jules Meuffels tries to gain foothold in the market with non-ordinary box constructions. In the course of 2017, he brought the trunk to production. The name is well chosen: translated means “The trunk case”. Fits, the box has only a single 12 “speaker, but it is quite voluminous.
Of course, Sir Meuffels has worked long to achieve this result. Development takes time. Among other things, because as a manufacturer you can not help but continually show your development ideas to competent users and obtain opinions. In the end, a special, unusual construction has come out. Which you can not see from the outside: in this large housing, the baffle is tilted offset and strongly bevelled. Below her is a large-scale bass reflex opening. There is thus much effort in the construction, but no voodoo. Finding and matching the right dimensions was the main task. And to ensure that the optimal material was choosen. Poplar plywood is now used, in a relatively small thickness of 15 mm. The case is covered with real “Relic” leather. The furnishing is otherwise spartan. A leather handle on the top and a small connection plate on the back, in which a Speakon Combi socket is sunk. The housing has no rear removable wall, the speaker is mounted on the front of the baffle. As a result, the front frame can logically be removed (four wood screws). The fabric is extremely breathable, soft and pliable, also elastic enough to stay in shape. It will not protect the loudspeaker, a conventional Vintage 30 from Celestion, under heavier mechanical stress. Is it clever? No.
You can tell that with the “trunk” he has big guitar sound in mind. The dimensions are corresponding. In fact, the JM Cabinet does not have that much less volume than a standard 4×12 box. Compared to a Marshall 1960 straight front, The trunk is only two centimeters narrower, 16 cm lower, and in the depth missing only 8 cm. At 18 kilograms, the weight is in the truest sense of the word “bearable”. Since the handle was placed favorably, so to speak, in the center of the mass, the box is surprisingly comfortable to carry, with legs facing its back. However, I do not really want to call them roadworthy, primarily because of the floppy front covering. A thicker protective cover must be minimum (available, approx. € 100 surcharge). Otherwise, the trunk would certainly quickly look “heavy relic”. Ultimately, the inner values count, so lets do the hearing test; O wow, marvelous, my jaw drops. The first notes speak a clear language. The performance is really powerful. The volume in the bass and lower mids is comparable with a 4×12-Cab. This Vintage 30 is cultivated, reflects sharpness and bite in the attack, but does not cut aggressively. Say, it sounds milder in a peculiar way than in many other cabinets. In the upper mids, a distinctive, sonorous character develops, which adds precision to the attack. Actually that works the sound emphasizes
transparency without being intrusive too me. The Trunk is always behaving very cultivated, also the effects dissolves fine in the signal; Reverb / Hall is a good exam criterion. And the box does not lose its balance, even at high sound pressure. The playback is very convincing all around. The trunk has so much format that he can stand up to my preferred moderate style boxes, both are 4×12, one with Marble Weber Bulldogs (Alnico, for blues, jazz, fusion, pop …) the other one old flavored orange with creambacks (rock, blues …), and pass with flying colors, it could be a kind of future reference.
Given the dimensions, you can not really compare The Trunk with regular 1×12 boxes. So 2×12? Would not be fair, right? Anyway, we’ll do that anyway. A lot of sound volume with a particularly low weight, there is a product in first place, the Neo-Classic 212 (about 12.5 kg) by DV Mark. However, optically, of course, it can not keep up with the looks of the trunk.
Outstanding sound characteristics with relatively low weight, these are striking Pro-arguments. The Trunk joins seamlessly into the phalanx of premium cabinets. Suitable and recommended especially for non-excessive styles such as blues, retro rock, etc. In addition, the cabinet with its noble vintage look is certainly an eye-catcher for many. That’s the nice side. The price tag, on the other hand, shocks. Considered soberly, only with regard to substance and function, the price is simply too high. On the other hand: If you want something special like this stylish “designer” cabinet, where else would you get it.

German Guitar & Bass Magazine

03.2018, Gitarre&Bass